Friday, October 5, 2012

One Kind of Fossil Beer

Fossil Beer on both ends. MGD in middle new.

Towards the end of April, 2007 we had a bbq party for a bunch of TCC folks. Not knowing what they drank I got some MGD, some Corona and a few cases of good stuff. To my welcome surprise most of the MGD and Corona went and I was left, poor baby, with most of the good stuff. The MGD and C stayed in an old cooler in the shed until 2010, when I needed the cooler. I put about 12 or 14 bottles, some of each, into a low sided box with no lid and left it on the bench in the shed.

The shed, BTW, only has a roof and no side. So from then until last week the beer sat in the daylight, sometimes direct sunlight, and exposed to all the temp extremes. Below freezing in the winter and sometimes over 110 in the summer (tin roof). Last week I decided it was time to get rid of the beer. But, as an experiment I opened one of the MGDs, careful not to disturb the nasty brown sediment. Sip. Another sip. Damn. Still carbonated nicely, not skunky and still beer. Now don’t get me wrong. I would not order this particular vintage, but in a pinch, would happily drink it, minus the sediment. I didn’t try the Corona because on a good day I don’t like it and how would know if it were bad. I will try it now, though, just to see. Also BTW, the Corona has no sediment and both it and the MGD are clear. Testament to the holding power of American Beer. Yea America!!!!!

Tasting Notes:
Corona left, MGD right
Corona: Nice creamy head, no lacing, tastes like crap but not skunky, so I don’t know if it spoiled or not.

MGD: Very little head but coarse lacing where the head quickly retreated from, tastes like beer, nothing special but if it were cold I bet it would fool a few.
(Another kind of fossil beer, a craft beer, is up next. Can you guess why it is a fossil beer?) 

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